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The Million Dollar Fish Has Been Caught, You Could Be Next!

The Million Dollar Fish competition is recognised as Australia’s most lucrative fishing event. Introduced in 2015, the competition was created to support tourism in the Northern Territory and offer fishos the opportunity to catch prize-tagged Top End barramundi. The Northern Territory is considered the prime fishing spot in Australia to catch renowned tropical fish species and is home to abundant Barramundi.

Trent with his big barramundi catch.

Barramundi are tagged and released throughout the Territory in five primary fishing areas; Arnhem Land, Darwin, Kakadu, Katherine, and the Tiwi Islands which we call home. Fishos from across Australia have successfully caught tagged barramundi, with the prized million-dollar barra reeled in for the first time ever by a lucky local fisho on Sunday 28 April.

19-year-old Keegan Payne, winner of million dollar fish. Image: Million Dollar Fish

With the closing of season 9, there are currently no active red-tagged barra swimming in Top End waterways. However, the start of October sees a new season of Million Dollar Fish and there is no better time to start organising your trip up to the Top End.

The Tiwi Islands is one of the few areas where tagged barramundi are released, making it a prime destination for your next fishing trip. At Tiwi Island Retreat, our local fishing guides are ready to take out on the water and experience barra fishing at its best—you could even become the next million dollar fisho!

Image: Explore Life

Under the competition rules and regulations, line fishing (rod and reel or hand line) is the only technique that can be used to catch a red-tagged barra which our guides Dwayne and Darcy specialise in.  With their fishing expertise, you’re guaranteed to have a successful day on the water.

Robbo and his barramundi catch.

Barramundi are known for their opportunistic nature and dominance in numerous tropical rivers. The likelihood of catching one of these fish is astounding as they thrive in both freshwater and saltwater environments and eat just about everything!  With the versatile nature of the Tiwi Islands, Tiwi Island Retreat offers both estuary and blue water fishing in the most pristine and remote fishing environments in the Top End.

At Tiwi Island Retreat we specialise in providing top-notch fishing adventures for groups of all sizes, including corporate trips, team-building or networking events, celebratory occasions or a family adventure.

Image: Aussie Fly Fisher

Whether you’re an experienced fisho or someone willing to have a go, Tiwi Island Retreat has everything you need to reel in a prize catch. With season 10 of the Million Dollar Fish competition commencing in October, you can add that extra excitement to your visit to Tiwi Island Retreat. Now is the time to start planning that fishing trip or next holiday — your fun day out on the water could land you some great prizes or even the ultimate million-dollar barra!