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Explore Tiwi Island Retreat during the ‘run-off’ season between February and May – regarded by Aussie ‘fishos’ as the prime time for barramundi fishing.

In the Northern Territory, the months prior to the run-off provide a combination of intense storms, monsoons and cyclones saturate the diverse floodplains, nurturing a vast biomass crucial to the survival of barramundi. As the rains taper off and the floodplains recede, the abundance of food is carried into numerous run-off creeks and rivers.

At Tiwi Island Retreat, fishing is not just a pastime – it’s our passion. Embark on an epic adventure aboard our fishing boats accompanied by an expert guide to uncover the secluded fishing havens nestled along the meandering estuaries surrounding the Retreat. We specialise in tailoring top-tier fishing experiences for groups, including corporate gatherings, team-building events, celebratory trips and of course, families. Fishing is an activity for all ages and something the kids love to learn about and do. Our experienced team are dedicated to ensuring that every angler, whether seasoned or novice, enjoys a memorable and fulfilling experience on the water.

Image: Tiwi Island Retreat Guests back on shore with their catches.

During the run-off, barramundi remain in the plains or channels but must relocate before water levels diminish excessively. Their departure routes typically lead them towards the main river creek mouths. As water levels recede, all other aquatic life must also vacate these areas. This includes small fish, tadpoles and crustaceans – all vital components of the barramundi’s diet. These creatures are funnelled down the creeks, presenting an opportunity for barramundi to ambush them near the creek mouths. Engaged in a feeding frenzy, barramundi readily take artificial hard-bodied lures and lead-head soft plastic lures resembling their prey. Fly fishermen can likewise experience significant success by using flies tied to match the baitfish pattern.

Barramundi are highly sought-after by anglers around the world. Renowned for their strength, agility and fighting spirit when hooked, they can put up an impressive fight. Weighing over 45kgs is not uncommon for barramundi in certain regions and catching a metre ‘barra’ is hailed as an achievement for many fishos, contributing to the allure of chasing this fish.

Beyond their appeal as a sportfish, barra are highly prized for their delicious flavour – they are considered a culinary delicacy in many parts of the world.

Image: Tiwi Island Retreat’s manager, Kate and her barramundi catch.

Our experienced guides possess an intimate knowledge of the local waters, ensuring that every trip is both productive and memorable. Whether you’re a novice angler or a seasoned fisherperson, our guides are dedicated to providing personalised assistance, enhancing your chances of reeling in the catch of a lifetime.

After a successful day on the water, guests return to Tiwi Island Retreat with their prized catches in hand. Here, they are greeted by our resident chef, Locki Waddell, whose culinary expertise transforms fresh seafood into delectable dishes infused with Asian or Indigenous influences. Every meal is a celebration of the island’s bounty.

As the run-off season unfolds, Tiwi Island Retreat accentuates its status as a premier destination for anglers seeking adventure. Whether you’re planning a corporate retreat or a weekend getaway with friends and family, Tiwi Island Retreat offers the perfect blend of excitement, relaxation and culinary indulgence.