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As the wet season wraps up in the Top End, Tiwi Island Retreat has officially reopened for the season! We are so excited to get the 2024 season underway and have been working tirelessly to make this season our best one yet. The start of a new year brings a much-needed reset. It’s a chance to shake off the cobwebs, embrace fresh beginnings, and welcome guests back to our own little slice of paradise.

We’ve been busy sprucing up the Retreat, making sure everything is in tip-top shape for your arrival. We have undergone a few exciting upgrades around the Retreat. Our kitchen has been expanded to allow Locki and our team more efficiency in the kitchen, as well as raising the bar for the ultimate cooking and dining experience for our guests.


The beachside pool and deck area of the Retreat.

Our dining room has also been upgraded, creating a seamless experience through the connectivity of our bar, dining room and pool area. Guests can now enjoy overlooking the pool directly from our dining room while having breakfast, or breeze through from the bar with a drink in hand directly to a poolside lounge.

To top off your fishing adventures, there has also been a permanent fish filleting station installed. This allows for an interactive experience in a designated sheltered area where guests can come back from their fishing adventure and learn how to properly clean and prepare their catch directly from our team. Then, their catch is passed on to Locki to work his magic.

After the restoring rains of the wet season, Tiwi Island emerges in all its glory, boasting lush greenery, blooming flora, and an abundance of wildlife. This is arguably the most scenic time the Retreat experiences, creating the perfect destination for your next getaway.

Our team are ready to ensure that your experience at Tiwi Island Retreat is nothing short of exceptional. From the moment you step foot on the island until the day you leave, you will be fulfilled by their genuine passion for hospitality.

Our Retreat manager, Kate is back and ready to make it all happen. She takes the time to get to know you, to understand your preferences and interests, and then tailor your experience accordingly with the help of the rest of the team. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, enjoying family time, or simply looking to unwind and recharge, Kate and the island team are there to bring your dream getaway to life.


Our dining experience created by Locki.

At Tiwi Island Retreat the food isn’t just something you eat; it is something you experience. Our Head Chef Locki is back in the kitchen ready to create this culinary experience for all our guests. All he asks of you is to come hungry and curious as he will craft the most delicious dishes with Asian or Indigenous influence. Many guests view his meals as highlights of the trip and definitely something to look forward to.

With the wet season coming to an end, the run-off fishing season is in full swing. Dwayne, our local fishing guide, has now been joined by Leigh, another local Territorian and expert fishing guide. With all the gear and all the idea, these two are your perfect pair, to make your estuary fishing trip both memorable and rewarding. As the rains taper off and the floodplains recede, the abundance of food is carried into numerous runoff creeks and rivers. With a combination of Dwayne and Leigh’s expertise and knowledge of the Tiwi Islands, your chance of landing a catch is high, for novice or seasoned anglers alike.


Local Guide, Dwayne, with a blackspot tuskfish.

We also have new team members who have recently joined us, and are passionate about Tiwi Island Retreat and ready to witness it in full swing. They are here to bring their skills and talents to you to enhance your stay with us. Anything you need, we will take care of.

As we gear up for another season, we want to extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning guest, we can’t wait to show you what Tiwi Island Retreat is all about.  So why wait? Pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and come join us for an adventure you’ll never forget. See you soon!